Travel zen

I was sitting alone at a table in this nice neighborhood cafe in Buenos Aires when it suddenly hit me. This feeling that everything is right in the world. That no matter what happened before or what was still to come, this moment was exactly how it was supposed to be. This is what got … More Travel zen

Travelogue Rome

Recently D and I went to Rome on a spontaneous trip and stayed for a week at the fantastic Hotel Laetitia. It cost more than we usually spend on accommodation, but we found a really great deal on expedia (for about 100€ less than the price advertised in the hotel). We usually don’t prioritize in … More Travelogue Rome

Travelogue Oslo

For our first wedding anniversary we went on a weekend trip to Oslo. We’d made a pact before to not buy each other presents but to make an effort to go away or at least have a special dinner somewhere (together – heh). That fist year D surprised me with planning the whole trip and … More Travelogue Oslo