Chai tea sorbet

This chai tea sorbet is very light and great for summer! Mix 1 tablespoon honey and a quarter cup sugar with 2 cups water and add 3 tablespoons loose chai tea leaves. Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice, mix and let it steep overnight. Drain leaves and put into ice cream machine. Let it do it’s … More Chai tea sorbet

Travelogue Rome

Recently D and I went to Rome on a spontaneous trip and stayed for a week at the fantastic Hotel Laetitia. It cost more than we usually spend on accommodation, but we found a really great deal on expedia (for about 100€ less than the price advertised in the hotel). We usually don’t prioritize in … More Travelogue Rome

Travelogue Oslo

For our first wedding anniversary we went on a weekend trip to Oslo. We’d made a pact before to not buy each other presents but to make an effort to go away or at least have a special dinner somewhere (together – heh). That fist year D surprised me with planning the whole trip and … More Travelogue Oslo