heart Oslo


Thanks for visiting my blog. Here I write about what’s currently making me happy. A lot of times that means travel! I have a huge passion for exploring new countries/cultures and daydream about my future travels quite often.

In addition I’m trying to immerse myself better into the greek culture, since my husband’s family is greek. I’m trying to learn the language and – of course – cook the food. My husband (D) and his brother recently inherited an apartment on Corfu, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea and we’re planning to renovate it. I’ll let you know about our progress and plans for it along the way!

And last but certainly not least, as D well knows, I absolutely love ice-cream, so you’ll  find a recipe or two on here while I try my hand at my new ice-cream-maker. I hope you have fun and remember to seek out the things that make you happy in your life.

Cheers, Jacki

contact me at: happyelsewhere@gmail.com


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