5 things to consider when booking your flights

5 things to consider when booking flights

For my current trip to Ibiza I decided to take a really early flight (5.30am) and thought that now would be a good time to point out what you should to take into consideration when booking your flights.

1. Avoiding the masses Especially during holiday season the airports are crowded with fellow travelers and arriving ahead of them can safe you quite some time and sanity points when waiting for the security check. Equally it might be worth thinking about your arriving time. Are you going to a major city and got up at the crack of dawn to avoid the masses at the airport only to find yourselves arriving just in time for rush hour? Might not be worth it, folks.

2. Hitting the ground running Depending on your flight time chances are that you arrive sometime in the morning when you take the first flight out. Plenty of time to get acclimated, have a first look around and not feel stressed about anything. I generally don’t like arriving in the evening/late at night. Especially in a place that I haven’t been to before. That’s when I always feel most insecure – navigating a new city at night – plus it feels like I lost a day just for travel.

3. Money The earliest flights are often the cheapest and yes, this was my main reason for booking it this time. There is another factor that might persuade me to take a later flight and that always depends on the circumstances and that is:

4. Inconvenience I really didn’t plan this one out so good. I had to take a train last night at 11pm (last train going to the airport) so I was at the airport at 0.30am with check-in time at 3.00am. 😣 not ideal, friends. I should have taken the time to check on my connections to the airport before booking. I still would’ve taken the same flight cuz I’m not stressed out from work but if this was my one vacation per year I would’ve valued convenience over price.

5. Hotel check-in times Most hotels have a 2 or 3pm check-in time, same for airbnb apartments. It’s still worth to ask for an early check-in and sometimes they’ll be able to accommodate you. Otherwise you need to stash your bags somewhere, plop down in the nearest cafe and take time to unwind a bit before you have access to your room. Not a problem when your flight time was two hours. If you’ve been on the road for 24h to get there, you might feel a bit icky and about to kill for a shower.

So that’s the things that I usually think about when booking my flights. Hope it’s helpful for you along the way. When in doubt always take the option that stresses you least – it’s a vacation after all! 😄

Anywho, I’m here, it’s sunny, the coffee is good, the room almost done and I look forward to some zzz before my girlfriends arrive. I’ll keep you posted on our trip – it’s gonna be a good one!


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