Best pita on Corfu

Corfu beach
Corfu beach in Ypsos

Drumroll please… you can get the best pita on the island at Thessalonikios in Corfu town. This recommendation comes from me with the full weight of my greek in-laws behind me and is totally subjective but soooo justified! 🙂 We visit this pita joint at least once every time we’re on Corfu. It’s a little shop on a street corner and it’s not really a sit down restaurant. You take your pita to go and wander over to the promenade to stroll along the seaside and watch the sun set.

For anyone who doesn’t know what a pita is: It’s pita bread filled with gyros (pork strips), salad, tomatoes, cucumber, tzatziki and fries. It’s basically greek fast food and super delicious!

Last time we went I was so focused on my food and in absolute food heaven when I finally got it, I didn’t take any photos – neither of the beautiful pita (yes beautiful! can you tell I’m obsessed or what?) nor of the small shop.

#bloggerfail #foodieheaven

I will remedy this epic failure next time I’m there (or maybe beg one of my cousins to send me a photo), but I just couldn’t wait any longer to pass along this tip. So, if you find yourselves on Corfu, check it out! Again, it’s called Thessalonikios and it’s on Vlachernon 28 in Corfu town. See a screenshot of the map below:

Thessalonikios pitta map
Thessalonikios map – best pita in town!

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