Ouzo Lemonita ice cream

ouzo lemon ice cream For those who know me it comes as no surprise that I love ouzo. Love it! As we have been blessed with some very hot and sunny summer days lately I felt justified in trying my hand in combining my two loves – ouzo and ice cream. In Greece you sometimes drink ouzo as a long drink with lemonade, so this is where I started.

For my first try I used freshly pressed lemon and lime juice, but I didn’t quite enjoy the ouzo-lemon-sugar ratio as much (although D said it would be great as a party shot). So I took the short route with much better results. You can tweak the alcohol-lemonade ratio to your liking. The current recipe tastes still very much like ouzo since I enjoy the flavor so much. If you prefer a more subtle version, I would cut the ouzo portion in half. So without further ado, here’s the recipe of my ouzo lemon sorbet:

1/3 c ouzo

2/3 c water

1 c lemonade (something like fanta lemon – ideally not too sweet)

1/3 c sugar

Let the lemonade go flat and combine with the rest of the ingredients. Stir a bit to dissolve the sugar and make sure the mixture is flat, then add to your ice cream machine. Make sure that all ingredients are cold before putting them in your ice cream machine – it will make the whole process faster and easier. Freeze according to instructions and enjoy!

I also added some lime and lemon rind (about 1 tablespoon) that was left over from my earlier attempts, but it would taste as good without it!


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