Travelogue Oslo

Jacki at Vigeland park

For our first wedding anniversary we went on a weekend trip to Oslo. We’d made a pact before to not buy each other presents but to make an effort to go away or at least have a special dinner somewhere (together – heh). That fist year D surprised me with planning the whole trip and I had no idea where we would go until we arrived at the airport. It was a great surprise!

walking through Oslo

I really liked Oslo.The people were incredibly friendly and we were lucky weatherwise. We spent two very short days just relaxing, sleeping, visiting the very good National Gallery (Nasjonalmuseet – oh how I love that language!) and strolling around town. No guide book, no plan, hardly a map. I highly recommend doing a city tour this way. Did we see all the “must-see”-items? I’m sure we did not. But we left relaxed and with a wonderful impression of the city. What more can you ask for?

The hotel was nothing to write home about but in a central location which was great. If I’ld be planning a trip now, I would have a closer look at the Citybox Hotel, the Comfort Hotel or this great apartment on airbnb.

vigeland park collage

At the Vigelands park we had a great time looking at some pretty weird sculptures and just lying in the sun and enjoying the outside.

If you plan to visit – especially if you plan a longer trip than we did, visit Oslo is a great website with further information.

Oslo harbor

all photos by happyelsewhere


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