Tzatziki recipe

It’s summertime and it’s hot and no one wants to stand in front of the oven for hours on end. I certainly don’t so most of our meals have consisted of salads and maybe some roasted vegetables. Is there anything better to accompany these dishes than a good tzatziki? I’ll answer that for you: no, … More Tzatziki recipe

5 things to consider when booking your flights

For my current trip to Ibiza I decided to take a really early flight (5.30am) and thought that now would be a good time to point out what you should to take into consideration when booking your flights. 1. Avoiding the masses Especially during holiday season the airports are crowded with fellow travelers and arriving … More 5 things to consider when booking your flights

Best pita on Corfu

Drumroll please… you can get the best pita on the island at Thessalonikios in Corfu town. This recommendation comes from me with the full weight of my greek in-laws behind me and is totally subjective but soooo justified! 🙂 We visit this pita joint at least once every time we’re on Corfu. It’s a little … More Best pita on Corfu

Travel zen

I was sitting alone at a table in this nice neighborhood cafe in Buenos Aires when it suddenly hit me. This feeling that everything is right in the world. That no matter what happened before or what was still to come, this moment was exactly how it was supposed to be. This is what got … More Travel zen

Ice cream Sunday

This is a quick post because I have no new recipe BUT a photo of this beauty from the trip to Japan. It’s red bean and matcha ice cream folks and it was de-licious!!! It’s national ice cream day (at least in the US), so let’s all acknowledge that and celebrate!